More About Me

I’ve told you a bit about myself on my home page, but I’ll expand on that here so hopefully I don’t confuse you too much.

  • Wife / widow: I was married for just short of 21 years to my kids’ dad. He died in June of 2011. We’ll call him G-Man. I remarried in December, 2013, to J-Pop (yes, that’s something we actually call him!). We are divorcing and I’m living by myself for the first time in my 53 years on this planet.
  • Mom: I have a son, Mr. 27, and a daughter, Miss 21. G-Man and I had Mr. 27 the old-fashioned way: out-of-wedlock ha ha ha. He was the best man at our Vegas wedding. We adopted Miss 21 because we really wanted a girl, and felt that it didn’t matter how we expanded our family.
  • Stepmom: J-Pop came as a package deal with Mr. 22 and Mr. 17. We worked really hard to add them to the family on more than a summer visit basis. All four kids get along splendidly.  We really should be more worried about that.
  • Business owner: G-Man and I bought the company his parents started from them in 2007.  It’s a small glass subcontracting company, and now I’m the sole owner, or, as I like to call myself, the Grand Poobah.
  • Future crazy dog and/or cat lady: we currently have two cats, Sandra Louise and Sunshine Nicole; three dogs, Mocha Latte, Maria Belle, and Mabel Sue. Yes, my pets all have middle names, and I use them, along with a multitude of nicknames!
the kids

Their identities have been hidden to protect you