I fall in and out of a daily morning meditation practice. Right now, I’m pretty good about it Monday – Friday, but not on the weekends. I like the guided meditations from HeadSpace, and I’m working through a series on Focus.

In the case of this meditation, Focus isn’t so much about a razor sharp concentration, but a gentler awareness of the moment – of being able to stop and be present at various points throughout the day. I’m not succeeding in this as much as I’d like to! I tell myself every morning that I will practice focus when I get up to go to the bathroom, or refill my water glass. And the day just flies by in a whirl of thoughts and activity.


I used to believe that the ability to think intensely, harnessing my busy mind to the task at hand, and completing it successfully, was a good thing. And it is, but . . . I heard something yesterday that gave me pause.

(Oh god, I absolutely LOVE that phrase! Did you watch Big Little Lies on HBO? Reese Witherspoon uses it to absolutely devastating effect.)

Anywho, I was listening to a podcast about slowing down yesterday, and one of the speakers stated that we spend 47% of our time “in our head”, or rather, lost in thought.

And lost it is. If we’re lost in thought, we’re tuning out the present moment. And missing a lot of this world around us.

There are so many moments to take in, and live in. Beautiful, sad, mundane, funny. Being there for it, rather than wandering off in our own head or as another speaker pointed out, documenting it for posterity with our phone! Isn’t that funny? We experience a sunset, or a work of art, or a with moment our kids, and our first thought is to make sure we get a picture of it. Why not just be present and enjoy the moment? How often will you look at that picture? Unless it’s in my Favorites and pops up on my Apple Watch, I’m not likely to see it very often, if ever again.

How often do we remember anything from those hours lost in thought? A memory of the moment is easily accessible and always available.

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