The Best Laid Plans

If you happen to run across my blog right now – and this post is published on Monday, February 5th – I am still writing, and posting, but there are some issues with the mechanics of my blog. One of my depth year projects is to really learn WordPress, so guess what? That’s right, back to square one.

I write first thing in the morning, so hopefully I will get a micro blog up every day. This one is not going to have a picture, as I really need to get to my workout. I’ve been getting a little lazy with everything in the past two weeks, and that has to stop. So I’m sticking to the schedule like glue.

I did a ton of food prep on Saturday so that I will have time in the evenings for other projects: WordPress lessons, plans I need to complete, reading. Even though it was kind of a drag to spend so much time at that on Saturday, it really frees up my evenings for other pursuits. Again, stick to the plan Denise!

About DeniseV

Hi, I'm Denise. I created this blog to accompany me through the adventure of middle age and beyond. A San Diego native, I dream of retiring to Kaua'i. In the mean time, I travel as much as possible, tend to my day job as a small business owner, and enjoy free time with my second husband and our combined four kids.

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