This cracks me up, because I keep thinking “T-Rex”. Lololololol . . .

My new workout fun

This is the new part of my workout routine, my new instrument of torture. Not really, although you can really kick butt and take names with this baby.

When I traveled to my first Adventure Weekend of 2018 in Utah a couple of weeks ago, my intention was to find another spoke in the wheel of my workouts. I love my walks and my yoga, but I needed to incorporate an arm and leg workout that I enjoyed. The weights and regular squats and lunges, etc. just weren’t doing it for me. This small adventure in Utah included 30 minutes one on one time with our coaches: Michelle handled nutrition and Keith addressed fitness.

Our first morning we had a gym workout. Not my favorite, but they had a whole line of these set up across the back of the room. And I loved it! I love the options it gives you, the support to keep your posture correct, and using nothing but your own body weight for a great workout.

Ten weeks from today is the start of my Kaua’i Adventure, which includes the Napali Coast hike. I’m aiming to lose those last twenty pounds and increase my strength and endurance so I can own that hike.


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