Sunday Afternoon 02/12/17

The best laid plans. Or, making the mistake of thinking it will be just another week. This week sucked. It bit the big one. There are not enough stupid words and phrases for it. When I posted last Sunday, our Max had decided not to feel good again. This was different from the coughing. He […]

58 More Things To Worry About + 1

I started this post last month. Before. Before hate trumped love, before people scared of (r)evolution crept out of their hidey holes and voted for a madman. So there’s a new thing to worry about. A very big new thing. Recently, a title in an e-mail caught my eye: 58 Things You Should Stop Worrying […]

Falling Out

I’ve had a falling out with my BFF. I know she realizes something is wrong, but she doesn’t know what. We haven’t really spoken, except through Facebook, since early June. It is my fault, first and foremost, because I didn’t talk to her about it right away. I still haven’t, and the awkward silence continues […]