I fall in and out of a daily morning meditation practice. Right now, I’m pretty good about it Monday – Friday, but not on the weekends. I like the guided meditations from HeadSpace, and I’m working through a series on Focus. In the case of this meditation, Focus isn’t so much about a razor sharp […]


I am a list maker. I am a list crosser-offer. Crossing an item off a list gives me a delightful thrill. I am an organized completer. Except when I’m not. Lists cause me stress too, when they’re not being handily completed. I can spend a whole Saturday taking care of chores and the miscellany of […]

The Best Laid Plans

If you happen to run across my blog right now – and this post is published on Monday, February 5th – I am still writing, and posting, but there are some issues with the mechanics of my blog. One of my depth year projects is to really learn WordPress, so guess what? That’s right, back […]


This cracks me up, because I keep thinking “T-Rex”. Lololololol . . . This is the new part of my workout routine, my new instrument of torture. Not really, although you can really kick butt and take names with this baby. When I traveled to my first Adventure Weekend of 2018 in Utah a couple […]